• 8 Healthy Ways to Naturally Strengthen your Immune System, Part II

     Image Credit: Ella Olsson via freshnlean.com    5. Eat lots of veggies Vegetables are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients like potassium, vitamin A, folate, fiber, vitamin C, magnesium and more! Eating veggies will help replenish your body, boost your immune system and sustain your h... View Post
  • 8 Healthy Ways to Naturally Strengthen your Immune System, Part I

    Part I of: Heatlhy Ways to Naturally Strengthen your Immune System View Post
  • Honibe Honey Lozenges

    New look? Same great taste! Honibe Honey Lozenges have brand new packaging, check them out here. Each lozenge has less than 6 ingredients including real honey and natural herbs. Unlike other brands, Honibe lozenges have no added sugar and are gluten free. Honibe Honey Lozenges are made in Canada ... View Post
  • How to Choose a Home for Your Hive

    With summer quickly approaching, many homeowners are reminded of the many benefits that come from backyard beekeeping. Whether beekeeping is your backyard hobby or full-time job, the benefits of beekeeping are seen most when your colony thrives. One of the best ways to ensure a healthy bee family... View Post
  • honibe® Honey Baked Brie

    This warm, creamy, honey-sweet honibe® Honey Baked Brie makes the perfect communal comfort food, and with just a handful of ingredients, it’s one of the easiest appetizers you’ll ever make! Show up at your next shindig with this in hand, and you'll definitely create some buzz.  Ingredients: 1 we... View Post
  • How To Bee Friendly This Summer

    As the weather warms up and we spend more time outside, there are lots of ways that we can practice being bee-friendly this summer. Here are some suggestions that will help keep your family as busy as a bee this summer. Visit a local bee keeper – Not only will you be able to buy some local hone... View Post
  • Honey Bird Seed Feed

    When was the last time you had the opportunity to lunch with a robin? Garden with a sparrow? Have tea with a chickadee? Invite the birds in your neighbourhood to come and “hang out for awhile” with our honey bird seed feed!  Here at honibe® not only are we passionate about our products, including... View Post
  • What You Can Do to Stop Decline of the Bees

    Did you know that one third of the food crops in the world are pollinated by bees? Up to 90% of all of the wild plants in the ecosystem are dependent on bees for propagation. Yet in recent years, the bee population has been in dramatic decline, which can have disastrous consequences for the agric... View Post