4 Reasons to Stock up on Honibe Immune Boost Lozenges

4 Reasons to Stock up on Honibe Immune Boost Lozenges

During the summer months we prefer not to think of those colder days, but with September fast approaching it’s essential that you start preparing now to stay healthy during the cough & cold season ahead.

Honibe Immune Boost Lozenges are the perfect product to stock up on now, and here’s why:

Easy to Read Ingredients

Honibe Immune Boost Lozenges contain only 5 easy-to-read ingredients including Canadian honey, echinacea, zinc, vitamin C and a natural citrus flavour.

Canadian Honey

These Lozenges contain 97% REAL Canadian honey, and they retain the antioxidant properties of raw honey.[1],

No Unwanted Additives

Honibe Immune Boost Lozenges are free from artificial colours, flavours & preservations.

Also, if you have any allergies, these Immune Boost Lozenges are gluten free, and don’t contain any soy or dairy.

And since the main ingredient of these Lozenges is Canadian honey, they don’t contain any added sugars or sweeteners.

Stay Healthy All-Year Round

Who doesn’t love a product with an immune boosting benefit?! These Lozenges are no exception. They are the perfect product to help maintain immune function.

Even if you catch that nasty cold, they are still the perfect product to use to help relieve cold symptoms.

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I just don’t need anything right now. But I’d like to stay a while in case a need comes along. Thanks anyway.

John Aspinall

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