Welcome to Honibe Rewards!

Find out what the buzz is about! The Honibe Rewards program unlocks access to un-bee-lievable rewards, exclusive offers, and more! Collect points while you shop our health and wellness products, then redeem your Honibe Bucks for big savings on your next purchase, free gifts, and super sweet Honibe Swag!

    Ways to Earn

    Don’t worry busy-bees, you’re automatically signed up for Honibe Rewards when you create an account to purchase online - no extra effort required! Once you're an official “Busy Bee”, you’ll earn 10 Honibe Bucks for every $1 spent, and collect bonus bucks with the purchase of any Honibe product subscription. Earn even more when you like and follow our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for more exclusive Honibe swag! And the buzz doesn’t stop there - our worker bees are ALWAYS coming up with other sweet ways for you to get more Honibe Bucks!

    How to redeem your Honibe Bucks

    Once you join, every time you make a purchase, you’re one step closer to amazing Honibe Rewards! Cash in your Honibe Bucks for discounts off your next order or subscription purchase, free shipping coupons, free gifts, and tons of exclusive Honibe Swag only available to members of the hive!

      • ✓ 500 Honibe Bucks = $1 off a 1-time purchase or subscription purchase

        ✓ 1,000 Honibe Bucks = 10% off your entire order*

        ✓ 1,500 Honibe Bucks = Free Immune Lozenges*

        ✓ 2,500 Honibe Bucks = Free The Magic Toothbrush Book*

        ✓ 2,500 Honibe Bucks = Free Honibe Mug*

        ✓ 5,000 Honibe Bucks = Free Full Size Melatonin Gummie Bees*

      • the magic toothbrush book

      Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I register for an account?

        It’s easy! Simply register an account at honibe.com during checkout and you’re automatically enrolled in the program.

        Can I redeem more than one reward at once?

        Only one reward can be redeemed per order.

        Do Honibe Bucks expire?

        Honibe bucks expire 12 months after they are earned.

        Can I convert rewards back to Honibe Bucks?

        Unfortunately, once Honibe Bucks are converted into a reward they cannot be converted back into honey bucks - your reward stays in your account until you are ready to redeem it.

        Is Honibe Rewards available to Quebec residents?

        Unfortunately, participation in the Honibe Rewards program is not available to those customers who live in the province of Quebec.

        * Offers available for a limited time. Program is unavailable to customers in Quebec.