Lift Your Spirits This Holiday With 5 Simple Tips:

Lift Your Spirits This Holiday With 5 Simple Tips:

Instantly Lift Your Spirits this Holiday With These 5 Simple Tips 

In trying times, here's how to find joy, stay healthy, and make the most of this holiday season.

This year it may be hard not to feel a little Grinchy.

Those who generally travel to see family and friends will be staying home, festivals and rituals will be disrupted, and health will be at the forefront of our minds.

But before you throw up your hands and say, “Bah, humbug!”, don’t totally write off the season yet!

There are some ways to feel good, and find some festive fun this holiday.

The current climate may mean your Christmas won’t look exactly the same as it normally does. But this year if you keep an open mind and find new ways to celebrate, some of your ideas may be so good you’ll make some new traditions along the way!

The strategies below could help you get through — and even enjoy — a very different December.

Here are some simple ways to brighten up the season:

Keep traditions alive:

The best way to get in the spirit is to find childlike excitement in the little things...

- for instant cheer, decorate even if you are on your own this year
- coordinate some video-call friendly caroling 
- delight in seasonal treats like hot cocoa, build a gingerbread house, send cards to your loved ones...

Whatever your favorite traditions are, see how you can modify them to fit the present time.

… And make new traditions:

For example, you could turn your backyard into a Christmas winter wonderland!

With blankets, candles, an outdoor fireplace, and some chairs so you can gather safely outside the home.

Or with a bit of research, you can get outside and be a ‘local tourist’. Explore what your city has to offer in terms of safe Christmas activities. 

Put yourself first:

Self-care isn’t selfish! A happy and healthy holiday starts with you. 

Choose options that lower stress levels, like ordering gifts online ahead of time so you can avoid last-minute crowds at the mall (and keep your peace of mind).

And whether it’s taking a moment for yourself to read, to sink into a steamy bubble bath or to enhance your nighttime routine with spa-like treatments, don’t forget to show yourself some extra love.

While you may still be adjusting to these trying times, remember to keep an eye on stress levels, take deep breaths, and be deliberately grateful for the little joys in your life.

Stay healthy:

Normally you do what you can to eat a balanced diet and exercise routinely--
But this year you may have slipped a little with the changes to your daily routine.

During cold and flu season, we need to level-up our efforts.

Our immune system plays a big role in our overall health and relies on us to keep it strong.

Aiming for your best health is a great place to start. That means staying on top of health experts' advice and regulations, moving daily, eating nutritiously and being kind to your mind.

The winter weather means less access to crucial vitamins like vitamin D, as well as increased likelihood of contracting viral illness.

Stay friendly with the produce aisle to keep your plates colourful with nutrient-dense foods, and look to supplements void of artificial ingredients for extra immunity support.

Find the Silver Lining:

Remember that happiness is not by chance, but by choice!

This season, embrace the moments. Make it extra special for whomever you can, and when possible, give back to your community.

If we can thank the pandemic for anything at all, it’s creativity in the ways we’ve been able to come together.

Some places are doing porch pick-ups of non-perishables for the food bank, others are doing coat donation boxes. Wherever you are, dial into what is going on around you and find simple ways to (safely) inspire the spirit of community and unity.

We are all in this together...

When it comes to health, Honibe has you covered from head to toe with delicious, effective immunity boosters for your whole family in our Winter Wellness Bundles.

Enjoy this special discount so you can focus less on getting the vitamins you need to stay healthy, and more on making this season magical.

Happy holidays from our hive to yours,

You deserve it.

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