Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me change/cancel a subscription?

Of course, but first you should try signing into your subscription account and see if you can do it on your own. Here are some easy steps to follow to get into your customer portal.

1. If you have purchased the subscription, but have never signed into your customer portal, you will need to actually create your account! On this page: click the "New Customer? Sign Up" link and create your account.

2. Make sure to use the email address that was used to create your subscription.

3. If you have already created your account, you can use the same link above to login to your portal.

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Where can I buy Honibe products in store?

Honibe products are found in stores all across Canada! We have a list of all the stores here: Need more specific information? Send us a message.

Are your products gluten free?

Yes! All Honibe products are gluten free!

Are your products free from dairy, soy, nuts and gelatin?

Dairy Free? Yes, all of our products are dairy free!

Soy Free? Yes, all of our products are soy free!

Nut Free? Our manufacturing facility is not considered nut free.

Gelatin Free? Yes, all of our products are gelatin free with the exception of our Omega-3 gummies. Our Omega-3 gummies contain a bovine gelatin used to micro-encapsulate the fish oil and help remove the fishy odor and taste.

Are your products vegetarian?

Yes! All Honibe products are vegetarian friendly with the exception of our Omega-3 gummies which contain fish oil and a bovine gelatin.

Are your products vegan?

Honibe products are not considered vegan because they all contain honey.

Can my kids take your Melatonin gummies?

Health Canada does not approve the use of Melatonin for kids.

How many of your gummies should I take in a day?

All of our gummies are a 2 per day formula. The only exception is our Melatonin gummies, which you can take 1-4 safely per night depending on your needs.

How many gummies come in a bottle?

All of our gummies are a 70-count bottle with the exception of our Omega-3 gummies which are a 60-count bottle.

Where are your products manufactured and shipped?

All Honibe products are manufactured and shipped directly from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

What is the nutritional information for your gummies and lozenges?

We are hoping to have that up on our website soon!

How can I receive 40% off?

If you subscribe to a 5-pack bundle, you will automatically be given 40% off.

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