• Honey and your health

    We all know the feeling – the telltale signs of a cold or flu starting to take hold: the runny nose, the fatigue, the achiness, and that niggling tickle in the back of your throat. As a natural remedy, honibe® honey lozenges can help soothe your sore throat while also helping your body fight off ... View Post
  • How to Bee Friendly This Family Day

    While it may not look like it outside, Family Day weekend is a sure sign that spring isn’t too far away. For a honey bee, every winter day is Family Day because over the winter, the bees form a winter cluster where all of the bees in the hive (between 20,000 and 60,000) gather around the queen be... View Post
  • 3 Ingredient Honey Face Mask for Bee-utiful Moisturized & Radiant Skin!

    Harsh cleansers, too much sun, dry winter days-- all of these factors can make your skin dry and itchy. If your skin is feeling parched then we have the solution: a soothing DIY honey face mask that smells sweet, goes on like butter and leaves your skin radiant, moisturized, and healthy. Best of ... View Post
  • Feed that cold with honibe® and Chili Chocolate Chili Con Carne

    We all have heard the old-wives’ tale about how chicken soup is good for the soul… and for fighting colds. Well it turns out that scientists have found evidence that soup really does have the ability to pack a punch with potent anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know that a bowl of chili might... View Post
  • How to Plant a Honeybee Friendly Garden

    We are super passionate about creating outdoor green spaces and making them a haven for the humble honeybee! Right now your gorgeous garden might be covered with frost, but come spring and summer it could be a delicious floral playground for our black and yellow friends. Now, why would you want t... View Post
  • Jazz Up Snack-time with honibe® Honey and Sriracha!

    With the winter season upon us, it’s no wonder that we find more reasons to stay in, watch television, and party! From watching hockey with the friends, to a fancy girls’ night shindig, there’s plenty of opportunities to get our snack on. Chip dips are passé—French onion is so done--so why not ta... View Post
  • Add Character to Focaccia Bread with honibe® Honey!

    There’s few things more wonderful than steaming, fresh bread right out of the oven—unless perhaps you’re talking about the smell of fresh bread as it’s baking. Many bread recipes suggest using white granulated sugar, because white sugar is cheap, dissolves easily, and is processed to be consisten... View Post
  • Honey for Health: Five Reasons You Need This Superfood in your Home

    Let’s talk about my favourite thing in the world – you guessed it - honey! Whether you love it drizzled over dessert, stirred into tea, or as a healthy substitute in baking, we can all agree that a bottle of honey should have a special spot reserved in your kitchen. At honibe®, we create our all ... View Post