The Benefits of Elderberry

The Benefits of Elderberry

The Tiny Berry with BIG Benefits:

With things opening up and summer fast approaching the last thing you want to do with your time is let cold and flu symptoms slow you down.

If you’re suffering from a fever, cold, or flu-like symptoms, or you’re simply concerned about strengthening your body’s immune response…

The Elderberry plant may offer some relief.

Here’s why…

Elderberry, also known as “Sambucus nigra”, has been used for centuries by various North American and European cultures because of its known medicinal benefits.



In fact, Hippocrates, the great Greek physician also known as the “father of medicine” referred to the elderberry plant as his “medicine chest”.

Historically, Elderberry flowers and leaves were used for pain relief, swelling, and inflammation.

Being high in antioxidants, Elderberries have been known to increase immunity and decrease the risk of influenza. 

Some claim a person can heal twice as fast when using Elderberry syrup.

Modern studies appear to support this claim, too...

In one double-blind, placebo-controlled test conducted using elderberry syrup involving 60 patients ranging between 18 and 54 years old:

A complete cure was achieved within 2 to 3 days in nearly 90% of the elderberry-treated group.

“The results of our study show that elderberry syrup is also effective against influenza A virus infections. Both this and a previous study conducted during an outbreak of influenza B/Panama show that the duration of the illness can be reduced by 3 to 4 days with elderberry syrup compared with placebo...“


We loved what we learned about this plant so much, we decided to create a lozenge that preserves its healing properties.

Introducing: Honibe Elderberry Lozenges



These delicious-tasting lozenges are packed with all the naturally occurring ingredients and health benefits of Elderberry syrup PLUS 100% pure Canadian honey. 

Our elderberry lozenges contain just four simple ingredients: 

  • 100% pure honey
  • Elderberry extract 
  • Menthol 
  • Natural mixed berry flavor

There are no fillers, additives, or preservatives and no added sugar.

They're also gluten, dairy, and soy-free so they're perfect for vegan diets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take elderberry every day?

A: Yes, in limited quantities. Our lozenges are well within those limits.

Q: Can I take elderberry while pregnant?

A: If you are pregnant or nursing you should consult your physician about taking any new supplement.

Q: Is it safe for children?

A: Our elderberry lozenges are safe to take for up to 10 days, for children 6 years and older. Beyond that please consult your physician.

Q: I have an autoimmune disease and I take medication for it. Is elderberry safe for me to take?

A: It’s likely fine, but please consult your physician first to ensure there are no contraindications.

Why miss out on all the summer fun because you’re feeling under the weather?

Take Honibe Elderberry Lozenges and boost your body’s immune response to colds, flus and fevers!

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