Caregiver Wall Of Appreciation

Caregiver Wall Of Appreciation


Contest Winners: Canadian Caregiver Wall Of Appreciation

Congratulations to our Canadian Caregiver Heroes and their loving nominators who won a free family Wellness Bundle!

This wall of appreciation features the amazing messages that were shared with our winners and showcases what it means to be a superhero caregiver! All of these heroes have a unique impact on the lives of those around them- providing care, special-needs aid, family support, first aid work, and so many more positions worthy of appreciation.

From our Honibe Family to yours, we thank everyone who is supporting and caring for those around them. 

Nominator: Andrea Stuart

Nominee: Kayla Scott

Mother & Daughter

“I nominate Kayla as a Super Hero. She is always looking after other people and animals. She is so caring, kind and responsible. Two weeks ago she even administered CPR to a family member. She definitely deserves to be honoured as a super hero.”

Nominator: Anne-Marie Gendreau

Nominee: Christine Gendreau


“Merci pour tout ce que tu fais pour tout le monde qui t'entoure!” 

"My relationship to her is that I am her cousin and long time friend, we are like sisters as we grew up very close. She is a superhuman caregiver because she has separated a few years ago, she works shifts and doesn't sleep enough most of the time. She takes excellent care of her 3 kids, providing love and all they need but is also always willing to help friends and family. She puts others before her own needs and deserves some spoiling/taking care of."

Nominator: Janet Estey

Nominee: Kristy Hatheway


“She is the best. Treats my son (with autism) with respect and I couldn't ask for anyone better. He just loves it when she's with him.”

Nominator: Emmah White

Nominee: Jamie Brandon


“For all your hard and essential work you've done during this pandemic, my only wish is you keep safe and well!”

Nominator: Ellen Chaumont

Nominee: Meaghan Whiteway

Mother & Daughter 

“You are my superhero. You always put your patients and family first and foremost. Your caring, compassion and dedication to all of us is simply amazing. No matter how chaotic things seem to be you are always there for all of us. Thank you. Love you always”

Nominator: Olivia Schiopu

Nominee: Ortansa Schiopu

Mother & Daughter

“Thank you!!!”

Nominator: Angela Wright

Nominee: James Hamilton

Landlord & Tenant 

“Thank you for being in the military and taking care of all the soldiers.“

Nominator: Crystal Hatcher

Nominee: Sherry Randell


“Thanks to my sister Sherry for being a respiratory therapist on the front lines.”

Nominator: Michelle

Nominee: Kristopher

Husband & Wife

You are so awesome”

Nominator: Jaime Stephens 

Nominee: Mei de Jong

Friend that became family

“Thank you for always being there as a second "Mom" to my kids. Stepping in whenever needed. Single parents of the world unite!”

More messages from our winners!

  • I would like to nominate my wife Brenda Vivian who has been both my wife but also my caregiver for the past 6 years since I suffered a stroke. She has been dealing with my medical issues for the past 10 years but has remained by my side through the good”

  • “Thank you so much for taking care of my Mum, even while you were dealing with your own health scares, and then your own health battles. The way you were able to still think of others in you own dark time was - and still is - amazing to me. I love you”

  • “Kyle cares for his grandma and mom and does an awesome job. Thanks Kyle”

  • “Thank you for keeping your smile and sharing it when we need it the most”

  • “Thanks for working through the pandemic as a nurse”

Caregiver Message Honourable Mentions:

  • "To my wife who is retired yet still goes in to work with autistic kids that she knows as a substitute every chance she gets because she knows the shortage there is out there in the schools. She takes a chance going with Covid out there."


  • "To my daughter 💕 who is a street nurse looking after clients with psychiatric diagnoses who are mainly underhoused."


  • "I'm so grateful for you. I wouldn't know what to do if you didn't show me how to use a smart phone, how to use my tablet, how to cast free internet services to my TV, how to order groceries online for delivery and how to do Dr. Appts on Teams and on Zoom! Thank you for keeping me 'in the loop'! I also am thankful for the birdfeeder and big bag of seed...I love to watch them! Xoxo"


  • "You're the best and kindest goober in the world."


  • "I'm a 63 year old woman who has severe osteoarthritis in both knees and is no longer able to work. I moved in with my daughter so as the times get harder for me, she is able to help me out. She always makes sure that I'm looked after and if there's anything I do need she'll look after it and goes beyond. Words alone can never truly express my heartfelt thanks to Nicole for the things she does for me. As I get older, I know she'll take good care of me."


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