• Made With Real Honey

    Natural honey is a key ingredient instead of artificial sweetener.
  • No Sugar Added

    The only lozenges with no added sugars or sweeteners.
  • Pharmacist Recommended

    Recommended by pharmacists for adults & children 6+
  • No Unwanted Additives

    No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, no corn syrup, preservatives or fillers.
  • Made In Canada

    Manufactured on Prince Edward Island.
  • Allergen Free

    Free from common allergens including gluten, dairy and soy.
  • Kosher Certified

    Trusted third-party Kosher Certification by Orthodox Union.
  • Honibe Honey Lozenges are made with 100% pure honey. We use our patented technology to create pure dried honey that maintains all of the naturally occurring benefits of honey.
  • Honibe Honey Lozenges are made with a maximum of 5 ingredients. Those ingredients are Canadian honey, natural herbs, vitamins and natural flavours.

Why Blister Packaging?

Because Honey Lozenges are made with honey and not sugar, wrapping them in paper could be a sticky issue. Honey Lozenges come in blister pack because of the 100% honey content. In its regular liquid form, honey is sticky. With Honibe's patented technology, we are able to convert honey into a solid form. However, once there is moisture, there is potential for the honey solid to re-hydrate and convert back to liquid. Blister packs prevent moisture from entering; thus avoiding a sticky mess
Even with blister packaging, it is important to keep Honibe Honey Lozenges in a cool, dry place less than 20°C.