Immune boost with echinacea, zinc and vitamin C

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Relieves symptoms of flu, cold and fever

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Why Choose Honibe Products?

No Sugar Added

The only lozenges with no added sugars or sweeteners.

Made in Canada

Manufactured on Prince Edward Island with Canadian honey.

No Unwanted Additives

No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, no corn syrup, preservatives or fillers.

Made with Real Honey

Honibe Honey Lozenges are made with up to 99% pure Canadian honey.

Allergy Free

Free from common allergens including gluten, dairy and soy.

Kosher Certified

Trusted third-part Kosher Certification by Orthodox Union.

How Are They Made?


Honibe Honey Lozenges are made with 100% pure Canadian honey. We use our patented technology to create pure dried honey that maintains all of the naturally occurring benefits of honey.


Honibe Honey Lozenges are made with a maximum of 5 ingredients. Those ingredients are Canadian honey, natural herbs, vitamins and natural flavours.