Honey for Health: Five Reasons You Need This Superfood in your Home

Honey for Health: Five Reasons You Need This Superfood in your Home

Let’s talk about my favourite thing in the world – you guessed it - honey!

Whether you love it drizzled over dessert, stirred into tea, or as a healthy substitute in baking, we can all agree that a bottle of honey should have a special spot reserved in your kitchen.

At honibe®, we create our all natural lozenges, honibe honey gummies™, honey delights, and honey drops with our unfiltered PEI honey. Did you know that the gift from a honeybee can do so much more health-wise for humans?

Here are five surprising ways you can use honey for health improvements.

Soothe Burns

One misstep with the kitchen stove and a nasty burn can happen. Instead of pasty cream and dish towels, reach for the honey pot! If you apply a careful layer of honey to a minor kitchen burn, it soothes the sting and has an anti-inflammatory effect. You’ll be back baking and cooking in no time.

Cough Suppressor

The tell-tale sign of a cold sneaking up on you is a tickle in the throat that quickly turns into a cranky cough. Instead of chemical-filled medicine, reach for the honey pot! A spoonful of thick honey can coat your irritated throat while the sweetness can trigger certain nerves that make your throat less sensitive to the cough impulse.

Sleep Aid

Heading to bed with tomorrow’s To-Do List looming and worried about attaining a good night’s sleep? Instead of tossing and turning, reach for the honey pot! A little bit of honey before bed can act like tryptophan in the body, that magic ingredient in turkey that makes us need a nap after Thanksgiving dinner.

Help Heal Wounds

Remember when you put that honey on your kitchen burn? Instead of wiping it off and rinsing with water, reach back again for the honey pot! Not only does honey help ease the sting, honey helps keep the wound moist. This allows the wound to get exposure to oxygen and helps activate anti-bacterial properties. Cover the wound gently with a Band-Aid, and you’ll be healed in no time!

Boost Your Immunity

As the seasons change, with the shift in weather, it’s the perfect breeding grounds for illness. Instead of succumbing to seasonal colds, reach for the honey pot! If you start each day with a warm glass of water flavoured with lemon and raw honey, you have a fighting chance against germs. How does it work? Phytonutrients in raw honey have antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help boost your immune system and fight sickness.

Do you use honey in your home in other healthy ways? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below and find us on Facebook for more healthy honey ideas.

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