Why Honey? OLD

For Canadians Who Want to Be Healthy— Naturally

The #1 ingredient in all our health gummies and lozenges is pure honey. We make our products with no unwanted additives and no allergens.

Why? Because you deserve better!

Good Things Come from Good Starts.
That’s Why We Start with Honey.

Honey makes exceptional contributions to better health:

  • It is filled with vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains antioxidants that can help your body fight off dangerous free radicals.
  • Its antibacterial properties can help protect you from common diseases and illnesses.
  • Honey is lower on the glycemic index than refined sugar, making it friendly to anyone with diabetes.
  • Its sweetness makes it an ideal replacement for refined sugar in most recipes and a natural sweetener in beverages.
  • And best of all, it is lovingly made by bees in a 100% natural process.

Making health products with artificial sweeteners and allergens just doesn’t make sense when you can make them with honey. So we developed a better way to get more honey into our lives.

Honibe’s patented process means we can create delicious and effective products like Honey Lozenges (97% pure honey) and gummies that help you sleep, boost your immune system, and soothe your sore throat—naturally.

And we’re hard at work developing more products so that honey can be the foundation for wellness.

Made with 100% Pure Honey

The Honibe Way

We source 100% pure, unadulterated honey from global beekeepers.

Our patented heat and “vacuum” process dehydrates honey into a pure solid form without sacrificing its natural health properties. Unlike most health companies, Honibe creates products with the fewest ingredients possible—and no allergens!

Your family receives the highest quality honey products with naturally occurring health benefits—straight from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Food Your Family Can Feel Good About

Vegetarian Friendly*

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients.

Allergen Free

Free from common allergens including gluten, dairy & soy

No Unwanted Additives

No artificial colours, sweeteners, or flavours, and no corn syrup, preservatives, or fillers.

Gelatin Free*

Unlike other gummies, Honibe is made with pectin, not gelatin.

Made with Real Honey

Instead of artificial sweeteners, natural honey is our key ingredient.

Safe and Effective

Honibe products are safe when taken as directed.

*All honibe products are gelatin free and vegetarian friendly with the exception of our Omega-3 gummie.
Our Omega-3 gummies contain a fish oil that is microencapsulated in a gelatin to help eliminate the smell and taste of fish.

Why Fans Are Buzzing About Honibe

“Daily ritual at my household involves taking vitamins and these are by far the best gummies I've purchased so far. Love the texture and taste.”

Randy Derewenko

“These are the only things that get me through being sick. I have a couple of the different flavours, and have recommended them to everyone I know.”


“These gummies help me with falling asleep...and the strawberry taste is wonderful. Love supporting a Canadian company with great products.”


“These vitamins are delicious! I bought some for my niece and nephew, who fight over who gets their vitamins first now.”

Julien N.

Be Good to Yourself!