Beekeeper Profile: Cassie Gibeau

Cassie Gibeau is an owner at Honeybee Centre, in Surrey, BC, Canada, who is responsible for overseeing Education, Outreach and Events as well as Social Media – check her out at

Cassie has been educating kids, youth and adults on the importance of bee’s and our environment for the past 8 years. Cassie is one of the growing number of women who recognize that we need to design a succession plan for beekeeping both locally and globally to evolve its role in food security, sustainability and our climate.

Born and raised in Burnaby, BC, with a teacher as a mother, an outdoor loving father, and a life-long love of bugs and dirt, Cassie originally pursued an Early Childhood career until she married into a beekeeping family.  Cassie is passionate about leaving a healthy world behind for generations to come.  She wants to educate and share this passion with others and believes that bugs and bees play a role in helping us achieve this goal. 

Honeybee Centre is a small family business, commercial honey farm, country store, educational facility, CFIA registered packing facility, visitor attraction and so much more. Honeybee Centre is committed to providing an unBEElievable experience whether it’s in our store, at a program or out in the community, the goal is to educate about bees!

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