Meet Our Beekeepers

Discover the stories behind the honey, straight from the hands that nurture it. Our beekeepers are the unsung heroes of nature, dedicated to preserving bee populations and harvesting the liquid gold that allows us to make our incredible Honibe products.

Join us in celebrating their invaluable contributions to our world and learn more about the remarkable work they do.

    At Honibe, real honey is the #1 ingredient in everything we make.

    • Cassie Gibeau

      Cassie Gibeau, co-owner of Honeybee Centre in Surrey, BC, Canada. Cassie advocates for the importance of bees in food security, sustainability, and climate resilience.

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    • Oliver Couto

      Former co-chair of the Toronto Beekeepers Collective and longstanding member of the Ontario Beekeepers Association. Oliver was also on the Pollinator Advisory Committee for the City of Toronto and a contributor to the City's popular Bees of Toronto book.

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