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Soothe the Sore Throat Pack

Soothe the Sore Throat Pack

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About Honibe Soothe the Sore Throat Pack


Fight flu season with this incredible bundle from Honibe! This bundle contains:

  • 2x Adult Immune Gummie Bees
  • 2x Vitamin D Gummie Bees
  • 3x Lemon Lozenges
  • 2x Elderberry Lozenges
  • 2x Vitamin C Lozenges

"I love that the main ingredient is honey and that they are transparent with their ingredients"


  • Made with Real Honey

    Natural honey is a key ingredient instead of artificial sweeteners
  • Made in Canada

    All our products are manufactured in Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • No Unwanted Additives

    No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, no corn syrup, preservatives or fillers
  • Safe and Effective

    Safe for adults and children when taken as directed
  • We source 100% pure honey from beekeepers globally.

  • Our patented technology dehydrates honey into a pure solid form without additives

  • We deliver the highest quality honey products with all their naturally occurring health benefits to your whole hive.

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