• PEI Liquid Honey
  • PEI Liquid Honey

PEI Liquid Honey

Honibe's pure natural PEI honey is Canadian Grade 1 honey that's packed with nutritional benefits.

  • 100% Real PEI Honey
  • Made in Canada
  • No Unwanted Additives

100% Natural Ingredients

Honey is a perfect replacement for refined sugar to add to your morning coffee or tea.

Natural Canadian honey is packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. We use only the highest quality Canadian honey.

Want less refined sugar in your baked goods? Add honey instead of refined sugar. Check our blog for some delicious options!

  • Benefits
  • Ingredients
Made in Canada

Manufactured on Prince Edward Island with Canadian honey.

100% Real Honey

Made with 100% Canadian honey.

No Unwanted Additives

Honibe liquid honey has no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.

Usage: Drizzle honey on your morning toast, or enjoy it in your tea instead of using sugar. The options are endless!

Ingredients: 100% pure liquid honey

The Honibe Way

We source 100% Canadian honey from Canadian beekeepers.

Our patented technology dehydrates honey into a pure solid form without additives.

We deliver the highest quality honey products with all their naturally occurring health benefits to your whole hive.

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