Immune Arsenal Family Bundle 5-Pack

This new bundle offers the best of our most popular Gummiebee products; Adult Immunity multivitamins, Melatonin and Omega-3. Best of all it comes with tw obottle of kids Immunity multivitamins!

Our Multivitamin Plus Immune Gummiebees provide an added immune boost with vitamin C, echinacea & zinc.

Our Melatonin Gummiebees help to speed up the time it takes to fall asleep in people who fall asleep slowly. This product may not be suitable for everyone. Read label and follow directions of use.

Our Omega-3 Gummiebees are packed with EPA & DHA to support healthy brain function in a family-friendly formula.

Our Multivitamin Plus Immune Gummiebees for kids provide a boost of vitamin C, vitamin D & zinc for your growing child.