Introducing HoneyPops!

The only pure honey sore throat lollipop for kids!

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Why Choose Honibe HoneyPops?

Kid Approved

4 delicious flavours in a lollipop format that is kid approved

No Sugar Added

The only children's lozenges made with no added sugar

Made in Canada

Manufactured in Prince Edward Island with Canadian Honey

How Are They Made?

Honibe HoneyPops are made with 100% pure Canadian honey. We use our patented technology to create pure dried honey that maintains all of the naturally occurring health benefits of honey.

Honibe HoneyPops are made with a maximum of 4 all-natural ingredients. Those ingredients are Canadian honey, menthol, natural flavour and natural colour.

Why Blister Packaging?

Because HoneyPops are made with honey and not sugar, wrapping the lollipops in paper could be a sticky issue. HoneyPops come in blister pack because of the 100% honey content. In its regular liquid form, honey is sticky. With Honibe's patented technology, we are able to convert honey into a solid form. However, once there is moisture, there is potential for the honey solid to re-hydrate and convert back to liquid. Blister packs prevent moisture from entering; thus avoiding a sticky mess.