Summer Storage Tips & Tricks

We know how much you adore your Honibe Honey Gummies, Honey Drops, and Lozenges, and we're committed to preserving their quality, especially during the scorching summer months. Since honey is our prized #1 ingredient, it's natural for our products to soften in warmer temperatures.

But fear not! Below, you'll discover some ingenious Honibe hacks shared by our valued customers to ensure your favorite treats stay in top-notch condition, delivering all the sweetness and goodness you love!

    At Honibe, real honey is the #1 ingredient in everything we make.

    Chill Out

    "Find a cool spot for your Honibe stash, ideally below 20°C. Think shady shelves, pantry corners, or even the fridge for an extra chill during the summer months."
    - Samantha S.

    Avoid Temperature Swings

    "I always keep my Honey Drops safe from the heat in a cool, shady spot, like my pantry, where temperatures stay about the same temperature all year round."
    - Albert R.

    Do You Have Your Own Honibe Hack?

    If you've got your own tip on how to keep your Honibe products at their best, we hope you'll share with the group! Contact us with your hack today!

    Fridge Friends

    "Storing my gummies in the fridge, especially during the summer, has been a game-changer for keeping them intact and delicious."
    - Alicia C.

    Shake It Up

    "I make sure to give my gummies a gentle shake every now and then to keep them fresh and firm. It's a tip I picked up from other Honibe fans like me!"
    - Lauren P.