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Ivy Leaf Lozenges
  • Size: 1 Pack
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100% Natural Ingredients

Natural Canadian honey is packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. We use only the highest quality Canadian honey.

Ivy Leaf is a natural expectorant that effectively relieves symptoms of mucus and cough.

Naturally sourced menthol soothes coughs, relieves sore throats and clears nasal congestion.

A delicious natural lemon flavour!

No Added Sugar

The only lozenges with no added sugar or sweeteners.

No Unwanted Additives

No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or fillers.

Allergy Free

Free from common allergens: gluten, dairy & soy.

Made in Canada

Manufactured on Prince Edward Island with Canadian honey.

Kosher Certified

Trusted third-party Kosher Certification by Orthodox Union.

Pharmacist Recommended

Recommended by pharmacists for adults & children.

Usage: Dissolve one lozenge slowly in mouth as required. Up to 10 lozenges per day.

Serving size: One (1) honey lozenge: 10 calories

Medicinal Ingredients: Ivy leaf extract 35 mg (1.4%)

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Honey (98.15%), Natural Lemon Flavour (0.4%), Menthol (0.04%), Non-GM Corn Maltodextrin (Gluten Free Dusting, 0.01%)

"Gently soothes your throat. Definitely a great product!"

Jessica R., New Brunswick

"I LOVE these lozenges. They are the only thing I take when I feel a cold coming on."

Joel R., British Columbia

The Honibe Way

We source 100% Canadian honey from Canadian beekeepers.

Our patented technology dehydrates honey into a pure solid form without additives.

We deliver the highest quality honey products with all their naturally occurring health benefits to your whole hive.

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