Buzz-Worthy Gifts for Hostesses

Buzz-Worthy Gifts for Hostesses

With all of its wonderful health benefits, honey is fast becoming the preferred sweetener on everyone’s lips.

Our honibe® honey isn’t just a sticky treat though; we use our delicious organic products to bring awareness to the plight of the humble honeybees and their brave battle to stay strong in our ever-changing eco-system.

If you're looking for a sweet gift to bring with you to give as a housewarming present or hostess gift, these bee-themed gifts will delight your family and friends, and also spark some lively conversation about how to ensure the honeybee populations stays buzzing.

Home and Garden

For a statement wall everyone will buzz about, these wall decals can’t be beat. For an even more dramatic look, bee patterned wallpaper is a gorgeous gift idea.

A bee-hived shaped lamp will brighten any space, and a subtle framed hexagon print is the perfect way for your honey lover to add some personality to a reading nook.

DIY Delights

If you feel crafty, buy some beeswax and get ready to give so many delicious and sweet creations. Homemade lip balm will keep lips soft all winter long and a set of beeswax candles will keep their cozy spaces glowing.

If you’re handy with a hammer, these homemade hexagon shelves would be the perfect gift for a honeybee lover!

Buzzworthy Books

The Beekeeper’s Bible is a beautiful book filled with everything bee-lover’s need to know! Browse the shelves of your favourite local bookstore to find starter books on beekeeping or delightful recipe books that use delicious drizzles of honey to enhance dishes.

Mini Treats

Little things can still be sweet. honibe® honey drops and honey delights are perfect for keeping in pockets and purses and can be enjoyed year round. Packets of flower seeds will encourage your loved ones to plant colourful flowers that bees will love to come and visit.

Little Honey Lovers

For the children in your life who have expressed interest in the wonderful world of bees, here are some free downloads that my sweet sister BeaBee just loves. These charming activities will keep them busy as bees for hours!

The best news is that honey is not just a sweet gift, but it can be a start to a whole healthy lifestyle. At honibe® we love to share our products, but more importantly we live to promote our passion for the ongoing health of honeybees. The more educated we all are about preserving this most precious of resources, the sweeter life will be.

For the straight buzz on how you and your family and community can help support a healthy bee population, click here.

Make this season the sweetest for you and all the loved ones gathered in your hive!

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